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Certified Online Personal Injury Training for Lawyers and Doctors
Powerful self paced personal injury course
 Certified Online Personal Injury Training for Lawyers and Doctors Powerful self paced personal injury course

Module I

  1. Opening Presentation – Personal Injury (PI) Practice
  2. PI Health Care Timeline
  3. States PI Law Review
  4. Cervical Acceleration – Deceleration (CAD) Diagnosis/Treatment Protocols (Croft Guidelines)
  5. Whiplash Basics
  6. CAD & Associated Conditions
  7. Traffic Injuries – Crash Forces & Human Injuries
  8. Pain Rules by Hogan

Module II

  1. Outcome Measures
  2. PI Case Documentation Procedures
  3. PI Paperwork SOAP Notes
  4. Low Energy Collisions Biomechanics
  5. Medical History Form
  6. Fast PI Report Writing
  7. Record Request Processing Quick, Cheap & Easy
  8. Report of Findings
  9. Anatomy of a PI Case

Module III

  1. Physical Examinations
  2. Strengthening Your PI Radiology & Reports
  3. Penning Method & AMA Translation
  4. PI $ Anatomy
  5. Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injury Risk Factors
  6. Referring Drs & Special Tests
  7. Addressing Insurance Schemes & other PI Solutions
  8. Defense Medical Examination’s aka IME’s
  9. High vs Low Energy Crashes Vehicle & Occupant
  10. Biomechanics
  11. Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) Hype
  12. Automobile Crash Reconstruction & Biomechanics

Module IV

  1. Depositions, Arbitrations & Court & Legal
  2. Attorneys & Physicians Relationships
  3. Air Bags & Injuries
  4. Success in Small Claims Court
  5. Malingering
  6. Colossus & Insurance Bodily Injury Software
  7. Find the Bullet Vehicle

Module V

  1. Causation (Medical, Legal and Scientific approaches)
  2. Apportionment (Who, What, When, Where and How)
  3. AMA Guides 6th Ed - Impairment Ratings for the Spine
  4. Intrusion Crash Dynamics
  5. Objective Evidence
  6. Module 1-4 Crash Reviews
  7. Module 1-3 Trials Reviews
  8. Final Thoughts

Course Fees

  • MVCOI Training 5 Modules (sign up for all modules today and save $180.00 from individual module purchase. Save by signing up for all 5 PI ONLINE Trainings).

    Included are course materials and online tests and PI OFFICE (for 2-months)..
  • Class Fee Per Module $399.00 Course includes materials, online tests and PI OFFICE (for 2-months).

  • Private Client $600.00 per month, Private Client exclusive "one on one" coaching. Included are course materials and online module tests. 8-month commitment including PI Office, materials, tests & full access to all online trainings modules for 8-months.
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