Jeffrey-States-bioAbout Dr Jeffrey States

Dr. Jeffrey A. States consults – coaches physicians, and attorneys in personal injury (PI) problem resolutions and building personal injury practices. Personal Injury Training Institute is the original and foremost personal injury program providing consulting, instruction, products and training for day-to-day personal injury practice needs.

Dr. Jeffrey States leadership role in this industry assists physicians and plaintiff attorneys in personal injury problem solving.

Dr. Jeffrey States has been a research assistant with dummy and human volunteer in real car crash research. Jeffrey States has authored articles, books and lectured on MVC occupant injuries. Jeffrey States is the lead instructor and consultant for Personal Injury Training Institute assisting doctors and attorneys in working together for better outcomes regarding personal injury cases.

Dr. Jeffrey States is certified in:

• Disability Analyst
• Board Certified Impairment Rater
• Advanced Certified in Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration Injuries
• Low Speed Rear Impact Automobile Collision Reconstruction
• Automobile Crash Forensic Risk Analysis
• Trained in Functional Capacity Evaluations

Jeff States speaks throughout North America teaching attorneys, physicians, lay individuals and insurance company employees about Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries (MVCOI). He has spoken at many different chiropractic and medical schools. He has successfully testified in many MVCOI and workers’ compensation cases. He was a reviewer of the Utah Labor Commission Impairment publication 1997, 1998 & 2002. He is the immediate past president of the North American Academy of Impairment Rating Physicians.

Jeff States founded Personal Injury Training Institute in 1996. He is a 4th generation chiropractic physician; Jeff States graduated from the National University of Health Sciences in 1986. Jeff States was in active practice in Salt Lake City Utah for 18 years. Jeff States current practice is strictly limited to performing second opinion, board certified impairment ratings including special evaluations of workers compensation and personal injury trauma patients. Jeff States current work is used in personal injury and workers compensation case management, settlement procedures including negotiations, trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations.



About Dr Jeffrey States.