What are PI Scholars?


PI Scholars are those currently taking PI ONLINE TRAININGS. This includes those that are in the active process of Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries (MVCOI) re-certifying.


How do I get logged onto PI ONLINE Training Modules?

After you have paid your own PI ONLINE Training account will be set up for you. This is only for YOU. Your progress and chiropractic CE will be tracked this way.

You will be sent an email with your user name and password. Copy and paste for accuracy and time savings. Example:


YOUR User name:


Passcode: (feel free to change)



Here is how to sign in to PI ONLINE Trainings.

Go to our website, Click on Online Course picture on the right, then login with your information, then on the top of the page on the right side click>


Membership PI Online Training Modules

then click on the red writing click >


If you purchased one module, click on that module. ONCE YOU are HERE,  then you will see that module. There will not be any prices or sign ups requests here.

If you purchased ALL modules or are a PI Private client, or signed up for PI COACHING click on:


PI Online Trainings Module I-V  < THIS IS THE IMPORTANT STEP.

If you see prices or something that indicates that you need to pay or register,  a step got missed. No need to pay or register.


Now go ahead and get started with PI ONLINE Trainings.


How many PI Module are there?


There are FIVE PI ONLINE Training Modules. Each PI ONLINE Training Module is made up of many classes. Click classes for a list.


What is Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries (MVCOI) CERTIFICATION.


Successful completion of PI ONLINE Trainings including passing all tests with 80% or higher score and meeting all other requirements one may be Certified in MVCOI.


How do I get the digital Module PI WORKBOOKs?

You were sent an email with a DropBox link to PI ONLINE Trainings.

Click on the PI ONLINE Trainings DropBox link, then go to the Workbook file to download PI Workbooks. These workbooks are large digital files. They are searchable.  Create a file on your computer and save the Module workbooks here. The original Welcome to PI Online Trainings email has the Module 1 PI Workbook Password.

It is suggested that you start the workbook download and then do something away from your computer as it may slow down.

Every slide of the PI ONLINE Trainings classes is found on the PDF workbook version. However, no videos will play, it is not a video. The pdf version is designed to help you search for answers for the open book tests. Additionally, these workbooks allow you to search for report writing ideas, problem solving practice PI issues etc.


Why are there DropBox files?

The files in DropBox are designed to assist you with PI ONLINE TRAININGS. There are tracker files for each module. Some files are available in Word and PDF format. Choose which version you like. You may open and use these files as you wish.  Word versions are changeable, as you desire for your practice needs.

Drop Box may download faster for you than other formats. Additionally, I can make changes/updates to the files if needed providing faster access localized for you.


How do I print a digital PI WORKBOOK?

The PI Workbooks are very large (over 4400 pages). All PI Workbooks are digital and searchable. They are not alterable or printable.


Sometimes the class video is starting and stopping. What do I do?

Video download speed is dependent on your computer and internet speeds. Here are a few tricks that can help you. Choose your class when it starts hit pause. Wait for time for class to get ahead downloading, then watch your class

You may also click on the next class you will watch soon after and hit pause. Go back to the first class and watch. This allows each class to be downloading while you’re watching the first class. The second class should be ready when you get to it. Don’t get too far ahead with this process.


How do I take the Examination? 

PI ONLINE Trainings Classes that have examinations will have (exam) located at the end of the class on the main module page.

Click on (exam) and proceed.

Take your time and use the digital PI Online Workbook PDF version on the more difficult questions. Testing is progressively more difficult with each Module as the topics become more detailed.

Successful passing a test requires 80% or higher scores. Testing results will be available immediately after completion. You are allowed two attempts to pass. If you fail twice you MUST talk to us before your third and final attempt.

We understand that all States and Providences are not the same. So, if you know the answer the test is seeking, go with that answer.  Understand and practice as your locale deems appropriate even if different than the test answers.


How do I Know when I have successfully completed a Module? 

Following completion of a Module we will be notified and will review your work. If all the requirements have been successfully accomplished you’ll be notified by email. If there is a problem we will reach you. We usually contact you by email, then by your cell number.


What are Tracker Forms in DropBox PI ONLINE Trainings?

Tracker Forms are available in DropBox PI ONLINE Trainings. They are optional and may be used to print and manually track your progress.


How do we keep track of your Progress?

Your progress through PI ONLINE Trainings is automatically tracked. We keep track of your test results too. If you would like to review your test answers with someone let us know. For an additional fee you can get one on one testing review. This service is included for PI Coaching clients.


Other Suggestions:

On your computer make a PI ONLINE Training folder with sub‐folders to keep track of files like PI OFFICE etc. from Drop Box and other places. Make a sub-folder for each of the customize files you create for your office. Also, make a file with passwords for the pdf workbooks etc. This way you will always have access to PI Workbooks.