What are PI Scholars?

PI Scholars are those currently taking PI ONLINE TRAININGS. This includes those that are in the active process of Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries (MVCOI) re-certifying.

How do I get logged onto the Main PI ONLINE WORKBOOK?

You were sent an email with a chart. Click on the module link, this takes you to that module log in page. Copy and paste the user then password to open the module. A save window will pop-up, choose save to make the next time you log in faster and easier. Each module has its own page and log in info.


Non-Working Example:

Pick the class you want by moving curser over the title you desire then click.

I did the above and it did not work. What do I do next?

Passwords and username change, you must be current with your fees. When your User name and password changes you will receive an update email. If you’re current and can still not get in email me.

Sometimes the class video is starting and stopping. What do I do?

Video download speed is dependent on your computer and Internet speeds. Here are a few tricks that can help you. Choose your class when it starts hit pause. Click on the next class you will watch soon after and hit pause. Go back to the first class and watch. This allows each class to be downloading while you’re watching the first class. The second class should be ready when you get to it. Don’t get too far ahead with this process.

You can also start the video, then pause it letting it download.  Then take a minute or two to do something else. Then get right back to your class.

What is the difference between the different PI ONLINE WORKBOOKS?

There are two different types of workbooks.

1. The main classes are watched like a movie from our educational web site. You and start, stop and advance the video. You cannot word search this video.

2. The other workbook should be downloaded. It is available both in the opening menu and Drop Box. This workbook is a non-printable, searchable PDF. Every slide of the main workbook is found on the PDF workbook version. However, no videos will play, it is not a video. The pdf version is designed to help you search for answers for the test. Additionally, these workbooks allow you to search for report writing, problem solving practice PI issues etc.

You need to download each modules pdf workbook once on each computer you are using. Example home and office computers. Each time you open the pdf version on your computer use module password found to the bottom Module sign-in page.

I downloaded the PDF version workbook but can’t open it.

After you have downloaded the PDF version workbook, save it in a folder on your computer. Each module workbook requires a password. The password is at the bottom of the Module opening menu. Save this in your new computer PI Folder.

How do I take the examination?

Class that have an examination will have (exam) located at the end of the classes on the main module page.

Click on (exam) and log in. It is imperative to use your email address and name to get credit for YOU, especially if you have multiple PI Scholars taking the program in your facility.

Take your time and use the PI Online Workbook PDF version on the more difficult questions. Testing is progressively more difficult with each Module as the topics become more detailed.

Test Suggestions:

At the conclusion of a test you will see a screen with a summary of your results. Consider screen print of save as pdf of your results. This provides evidence of your success and if challenged you have evidence of you passing that exam. Only PiTi receives detailed results of your examinations. If you have any questions let me know.

You may also note your progress on the Tracker forms.

How does PiTi keep track of my progress?

PiTi Tracks your progress by your test results.

How do I obtain the link and password for the next PI Module?

After you near completion of a Module and pass tests PiTi will send you the next Module link within 24 hours. If you desire access sooner, send an email request.

Why are there files in Drop Box?

The files in Drop Box are designed to assist you with PI ONLINE TRAININGS. There are tracker files for each module. Some files are available in Word and PDF format. Choose which version you like. You may open and use these files as you wish.  Word versions are changeable, as you desire for your personal needs.

Drop Box may download faster for you. Additionally, I can make changes of the files if needed providing faster access for you.

Other Suggestions:

On your computer make a PI Training folder with sub‐folders to keep track of files like PI OFFICE etc. from Drop Box and other places. Make a sub-folder for each of the customize files you create for your office. Also, make a file with passwords for the pdf workbooks etc.