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MVCOI Personal Injury Training (5 Modules)

Module I

  1. Opening Presentation
  2. Personal Injury Health Care Timeline
  3. States PI Law Review
  4. Cervical Acceleration – Deceleration Diagnosis & Treatment Protocols (Croft Guidelines)
  5. The Epidemic of Whiplash
  6. Whiplash & Associated Conditions
  7. Traffic Injuries – Crash Forces & Human Injuries
  8. Diff Diag of Spinal Pains--William Hogan
  9. Changes in the Landscape of Personal Injury
    Litigation in Utah
  10. Changes in the Landscape of Personal Injury Litigation In Utah by Matthew R. Kober, Esquire

Module II

  1. Outcome Measures
  2. PI Case Documentation Procedures
  3. Low Energy Collisions
  4. PI Paperwork SOAP Notes!
  5. Medical History Form
  6. Fast PI Report Writing
  7. Report of Findings

Module III

  1. Physical Examinations What to do, when & how
  2. Radiology - Strengthening Your PI cases
  3. Penning Method
  4. Penning Method & AMA Translation
  5. Making Money in PI

Module IV

  1. High Energy Crashes vs. Low Energy Crashes - Occupant Force
  2. Air Bags & How They Work
  3. Defense Medical Examination's aka IME's Part 2 - Mod 4 Live
  4. Attorneys & Physicians When, Why and to Whom to refer
  5. Preparing for Depositions, Arbitrations & Court & other Legal proceedings
  6. Preparing to be successful in Small Claims Court
  7. Understanding and Preparing for Malingering
  8. Understanding and Preparing for BioPsycoSocial Model Issues

Module V

  1. Introduction to Module V
  2. Colossus (Insurance Bodily Injury Value Software an Overview)
  3. Causation (Medical, Legal and Scientific approaches)
  4. Apportionment (Who, What, When, Where and How)
  5. AMA Guides 6th Ed - Impairment Ratings for typical Spinal Injuries
  6. Impairment
  7. Personal Injury PI Elite Marketing Dr Walker
  8. Personal Injury Web Marketing with Derek


Course Fees
  • Class Fee Per Module $649.00 Course includes course materials and an online test at the end of the module.
  • MVCOI Training 5 Modules $2,395.00 (Cost $3,195.00 if purchased separately save $800.00 for signing up for all 5 MVCOI trainings today). Included are course materials and an online test at the end of each module.
  • Private Client $700.00 per month on a 2 year contract that includes comprehensive PI Office materials & tools + Full access to all online modules and live trainings for 2 years.Register here to be a Private Client exclusive "one on one" coaching with Dr. States. Included are course materials and an online test at the end of each module.
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