Personal Injury ONLINE Training Courses APPROVED for CHIROPRACTIC Continuing Education in Florida!For decades Personal Injury Training Institute and Dr. Jeffrey A. States have served Florida chiropractors with Personal Injury (PI) lectures, consultations, case reviews and more. To date, only a few chiropractors in the entire state of Florida have become Certified in Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries. The Florida CE approval number is 20-693971.

Now our amazing Personal Injury (PI) ONLINE Training courses are available to chiropractors licensed in Florida. Florida doctors can learn how to better assist those injured in motor vehicle accidents. In 2018, based upon reported to law agencies, motor vehicle collisions injured 255,353 people in Florida. That year there were 403,626 crashes according to Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. These numbers do NOT include unreported crashes and injuries.

Based on decades of published research approximately 127,000 of people injured will suffer long-term chronic pain conditions.  Both acute injuries and chronic pain suffers need excellent care provided by chiropractors.

Unfortunately, systematically automobile accident victims are Re-Victimized by many. Including victims that choose ignorant, inept or greedy health-providers or legal representation. Also, their own automobile insurance companies routinely take advantage of them. Then later, re-victimization continues by at-fault insurance companies and their employees, including offensive attorneys and investigators. All of the above combined spend millions on methods and systems to take advantage of injured occupants.

If you truly care about your patients do not be a part of the above complicities. Know the industry systems used against YOU and your patients. Raise the PI bar for your practice. Be educated and have systems to perform PI using excellent approaches.

Chiropractors highly trained in PI work know much more than the average doctors. They know proper roles in PI cases. They know who is supposed to do what and when to do it. Trained PI professionals:

  1. Understand proper roles in PI cases
  2. Write excellent reports in a quick and timely manner
  3. Know and follow Cervical Acceleration/Deceleration treatment guidelines and follow them
  4. Provide better service to the injured
  5. Properly communicate with parallel PI businesses and professionals
  6. Have confidence and know how to testify
  7. Understand human kinematics and crash dynamics
  8. Much, much more