MVCOI Personal Injury Training  5 Modules

MVCOI Training 5 Modules normally $1,999.99 (sign up for all modules today and save $200.00 at a discounted price of $1,799.99. 
Save now by signing up for all 5 Modules). The Course includes all 5 Digital Module PI workbooks, online tests, PI OFFICE (for 2 months), and upon passing all 5 MVCOI modules includes certification fee for 1 year.

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MVCOI Personal Injury Module I

The foundation of PI practice in a healthcare practice. Ideas for PI Healthcare Timeline. Dr. States reviews Utah Personal Injury Protections laws. If you don’t practice in Utah you will benefit by learning what to look for in your State or Providence. Learn in detail the Croft Guidelines and other systems for determining medically necessary care following a motor vehicle collision. Learn the basics about Cervical Acceleration Deceleration Injuries. Learn vehicle dynamics and occupant kinematics through videos. Learn the foundation of these injuries and what to look for in injured occupants. Attorneys benefit by knowing what great PI physicians do. They then can use the information in settlement demands.

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MVCOI Personal Injury Module II

Documenting a PI case properly is the key to PI success regarding payments and litigation. Interested parties in PI work need to know case status and progress knowing how is a must. Learn the keys to daily SOAP documentation. Medical History Form time saving form helps healthcare providers to ask the correct questions in a logical order. Do not miss any important points relating to a PI or WC cases. Learn how to write effective Report fast, as well as quick effective Report of Findings. Also understanding Low Energy Collisions and Research is critical to understand potential occupant injuries. Learn the basics and how we know individuals can be injured by watching videos.  

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MVCOI Personal Injury Module III

Getting into the nitty gritty – the details of a PI case work. Learn about physical examinations, radiology, motor vehicle collision occupant injury risk factors, referrals, defense medical examinations, high vs low energy collision and injuries associated with them. Finalizing with crash issues with Minor Impact Soft Tissue (MIST) injuries and how Automobile Crash Re-constructionist and Engineers are used in defense work.  

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MVCOI Personal Injury Module IV

This module focuses mostly on legal preparation, learn what to do when and why. By following simple orderly steps litigation likelihood may be reduced. If litigation proceeds then you will be prepared. Don’t learn the hard-expensive way. Learn here ways to effectively prepare for depositions.Discover common areas of defense attacks toward healthcare providers. How to strengthen Doctors credibility, trial preparations, different types of witnesses, court preparations, general rules to follows and do’s and don’ts. Learn the basics of successful Small Claims Court planning. How to win winnable cases. Biopsycosocial is covered in a useful way. Carriers want everyone to believe that claimants are lying. Understand this foundational approach to malingering and how physicians need to address it in EVERY case. Computerized software is used by carriers to self-determine what injured parties are to be paid. Learn the basics of how this system fundamentally works and how to minimize damaging effects.  

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MVCOI Personal Injury Module V

Causation is often spoken of in healthcare, but not addressed. In litigation causation must be addressed in every case. Apportionment is difficult and tough or is it. Learn the different types of apportionment and when to use them. The American Medical Association Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment Training of the 6th Edition. Learn the foundation for all impairments with focusing on the Spine. Objective Evidence is summarized from specifics of prior modules. In every case doctors must address and attorneys need to understand specific objective evidence of injuries of the injured.  

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