Personal Injury Training Institute Testimonials

I strongly recommend that every DC who wants to practice in the personal injury area take Dr. States PI ONLINE Trainings. It is not an easy course. You will have to pay attention, take notes and go through the appropriate steps. However, I have yet to speak to anyone who felt the course was not well worth their time and money for taking it. When the DC takes the course, they simply become stronger and more useful in the PI arena.”


Bryan A. Larson 
Attorney & Counselor at Law
922 West Baxter Drive, Suite 200
South Jordan, UT 84095-8626
Phone: (801)601-8323
Fax: (801)990-1744
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Your program is Awesome!!! I feel privileged to go through it again. I think all Chiropractors should. I also believe you should charge more, a lot more. I love how you explain the crash studies in real time. It is AWESOME. No-one offers what you have. Pure awesomeness!!! Croft is great, but doesn’t go into the same detail, and certainly doesn’t explain the videos as you do. Its awesome material.

Excellent program and material! Unique of all the other courses I have taken. Not too many of the other programs give as much real world information: Court preparation, ethics, insurance complaints, small claims, crash mechanics, etc… Ill be sending people your way for the program. They need to take it
Patrick C. Conlin, DC, DAAMLP

I decided to take Dr. State’s Motor Vehicle Occupant Injury certification program because I was taking over my father’s PI practice of 40 years. I wanted the best equipment, rock solid documentation and paperwork to protect my practice and better serve my patients. I completed modules 1-5 along with one-on-one PI coaching with Dr. States for 6 months. This program is for anyone doing personal injury, no matter what level. He provides you with everything you need for a successful PI practice. I mean EVERYTHING. I have used almost every document he’s provided in my office. If you have even 1 PI patient. Take the course and become certified. I am much more confident when discussing cases with attorneys. He covers a lot of material and makes it easy to understand. You will learn Croft guidelines in great detail, biomechanics of whiplash, accident reconstruction, physical examination and so much more the list goes on. I consulted with him for 6 months and he critiqued my reports and paperwork and guided me on next steps to take and what to not to do in certain situations. I highly recommend this program. I am so thankful it took I. Dr. Mackenzie Pucket

“I am very impressed with the Personal Injury Training Institute online training modules.  The lectures are well done and it was convenient to do the work on my time.  Your material is always highly researched and delivered in a systematic, concise manner. I found the open book test to not only be comprehensive but fun. What I noticed about the test questions was that they seemed to reflect the important concepts you wanted us to know.  Great job Dr States, as always.”  Dr Cindy Daw

Thanks again for being a speaker at our seminar on May 15,2010. Many attendees expressed enjoyment of your presentation. The following are just some of the comments we have received concerning your presentation:

“The very best!!!”

“Informative! Directional! Necessary to know so that we don’t have to grope in the dark for answers.”

“Enthusiasm! “

“Good information – will use him.”

“Always good.”

“Dynamic, spontaneous presentation which every DC in Utah should have over and over, until they are awesome.”

“Inspiring! Thank you. It was sobering to feel so inadequate. Exciting to know I don’t have to stay that way.”

“Very motivational, good info for understanding what we should be doing in our PI cases (Readers Digest Version).”

I had the pleasure of attending Dr. Crofts seminar in Chicago. While I did learn some things, I thought your seminar series was much more insightful and useful by far. FYI. Please keep doing what you are doing.
Ted Murdock 1007

Great class. You are a great instructor, a walking encyclopedia in your field.
Facts are the primary way to get paid in PI cases.
Tenney Hansen

You explained all the subjects very thoroughly.

The most important thing I learned was just because you have a low energy crash: you may get seriously injured.

I really enjoyed your class and also the small class. More one-on-one.

Comments made regarding Dr. Jeffrey A. States at Bryan Larson’s seminar

“Knows his stuff. Would definitely go to him with questions.”

“Awesome. Lots of info. Fast & Furious. Let’s hear him again.”

“Sparked my interest.”

“You are a great example for me. I appreciate all you do for the profession. I am excited to take your course.”

“I have attended several seminars on PI, and have completed two post-graduate certification programs.
If you are serious about wanting to learn the aspects of a personal injury practice, Dr. States’ program is second to none.”
Dr. Joseph Brimhall
President University of Western States

Thanks Dr. States, it has been an unbelievable learning experience that has already had a significant impact on my practice.”
Dr. Eric Harrison

“If more attorneys knew the information you had on auto collisions, especially low impact crashes,
I’m sure they would have a much greater chance of winning their cases. I can’t wait for the next one.”
Michael Langheinrich

“Dr. States consulting gives a clear explanation on how to avoid billing rejections and how to simply and
systematically handle PI cases from the patients’ first phone call to their release.”
Dr. Judd Bronson

“Top Notch, Fantastic, Terrific.”
Dr. Ammon Strehlow

“I have been in practice for 50 years. I have taught in the chiropractic field and attended many seminars over the years.

I have attended several Personal Injury Training Seminars. Your seminars are clear, concise,
detail oriented that have assisted me to have more confidence in my practice.”
Dr. C. Earl Alsop

“Great information on depositions. Any and all doctors’ treating even a single PI patient needs to attend these seminars.”
Dr. Jeff Norman

“Great seminar, I can implement immediately.”
David Clement JD

“You are our hero! Your information is very valuable.”
Dr. Darren & Kim Scott

“Every Chiropractor on the planet should be here to learn this valuable information to benefit their patients.”
Dr. Duy Tran

“Dr. States, that really was the best and most informative seminar I’ve had the privilege of attending.”
Dr. Lynn Nelson

“Looking forward to the next one.”
Dr. Jeff Wheelwright

“Good documentation and reports do not have to take a lot of time.”
Dr. Roger Neumann

“The training was worth the $$$.”
Dr. Jeff Child

“Would be good for all PI attorneys to attend.”
Kathryn Gardner JD

“Good information on auto crash research. PI paperwork can be easy.
Following Dr. States Personal Injury procedures, paperwork can be easy.”
Dr. Brett Fowers

“It was an eye opener.”
Dr. Sam Adams

“I thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a tremendous amount, AGAIN.”
Dr. Eric Cipriano

“The seminar surpassed my expectations.”
Dr. Randall States

“Very Impressive.
Very Informative.
An Excellent Seminar.”
Dr. Bryan Smuin

The above are personal injury testimonials were from seminar and/or private clients for whiplash, chiropractic care, personal injury legal from Personal Injury Training Institute.


Personal Injury Training Institute Testimonials.