Why Should Plaintiff Attorneys Take PI ONLINE Trainings?

Plaintiff attorneys have asked me why they should take PI ONLINE Trainings? Will PI ONLINE Trainings teach me how to litigate personal injury cases?

We are healthcare based, primarily geared towards helping healthcare providers, mostly doctors of chiropractic (DC) to properly work up PI cases. We do not teach attorneys how to litigate personal injury (PI) cases. However, you will learn many tools that will help in that process. Those plaintiff attorneys that take our courses and complete Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries Certification, they learn much, much, more.

One of the more valuable information available is knowing the Croft Guidelines and how they are used properly. This would help deal with two of the primary defense arguments against DC cases involving cervical acceleration deceleration (CAD) (whiplash) diagnosis:

  1. Too much care/overtreatment by providers
  2. Providers overcharging

In addition, the Croft Guidelines provide valuable details in CAD diagnosis no matter what type of provider is on your PI case involving . The medical profession has primarily one primary diagnostic code for labeling a whiplash, but no grading system. This leaves many unanswered questions regarding how bad your client was injured. CAD trauma ranges from a minimal injury requiring less care to fractures and trauma requiring surgery. The Croft Guidelines address the magnitudes of CAD injuries. With this information the need for care can be properly addressed.

If  you do PI and work with chiropractors plaintiff attorneys can greatly benefit by PI ONLINE Trainings. You will know what healthcare providers to work with and who to avoid or limit interaction. Choosing DC’s that understand both their and your role in PI cases.

Properly trained healthcare providers will add value to  your cases. They will know and obtain objective evidence of your client’s injuries.

Perhaps that greatest benefit to a plaintiff attorney would be understanding in detail crash dynamics and human kinematics. Meaning knowing how injuries occur in many types of collisions. We go over in detail a variety of crash dynamics using videos of crashes with human volunteers and crash dummies. Using this information along with statistics, medical standards of diagnosis and causation factors will be determined. Thus, being able to argue against defense tactics of this client can’t possibly be hurt or hurt that bad. Hard to find injuries will be found in legitimate cases. This is very valuable in addressing defense attorney use of “biomechanical” engineers, who help the defense by providing volumes of useless and inaccurate non-medical data.

Take PI ONLINE Trainings and learn what you do not know that will hurt you in the PI industry.