Why Take Personal Injury Training and Certification?

  • Learn how to run a successful personal injury practice now
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Personal Injury TrainingPersonal Injury Training Institute assists the development and building of successful Personal Injury (PI) practices.

What does Personal Injury Training Institute accomplishes for the personal injury portion of your practice?

Personal Injury Training Institute is dedicated to assisting you build a more successful personal injury portion of your practice.

Personal Injury Consulting – Consulting for anyone who needs specific personal injury problems addressed.

Personal Injury Coaching – For professionals with personal injury practices – coaching ‘one on one’ designed for personal injury developing, building and problem solving.

Personal Injury Trainings include:

Healthcare Professionals – assists in understanding and addressing practical aspects of the personal injury industry.
Plaintiff Attorney’s – are taught objective evidence that are produced by competent doctors to assist in resolution of personal injury claims.
Injured Occupants – Learn and understand how the personal injury industry works in relation to insurance, healthcare, and plaintiff attorney roles.

Personal Injury Products and Tools – are designed to be highly effective and useful in managing personal injury cases.

Motor Vehicle Collision Occupant Injuries Certification (MVCOI): Professionals and staff that have trained and fulfilled all qualifications requirements are listed here. We encourage you to contact them to see if they can assist you.

Auto accidents are an unfortunate fact of life. In a percentage of car accidents individuals may be injured. One of the most common forms of traumas from Automobile crashes and car injury is the complex whiplash injury. Most physicians are poorly trained in the management of motor vehicle collision occupant injuries. Following a car wreck, if personal injury (PI) occurs due to the fault of another a personal injury claim may be filed. These accidental injuries from auto crashes are often the fault of another’s negligence. Most of these whiplash and other associated trauma diagnoses are resolved without a lawsuit. Those injured by another must be prepared to go all the way to a lawsuit to resolve the PI claim.

Some are deceived into believing that car damage has some relationship on human injury. There is absolutely no relationship between occupant injuries and vehicle property damage. Vehicle crashes may total an automobile and occupants may be killed or walk away uninjured, sometimes in the same crash.  On the other hand there may be minimal to little visible vehicle property damage with occupant injuries ranging from no injuries to injuries including disability and death.

I common mistake in personal injury cases is focusing on the term accident. These auto collisions are frequently not accidents in the truest form. Somebody made an error in driving leading to automobile collisions or crashes.

Another form on personal injury besides car accident injury is the slip and fall cases. These are much more difficult to manage. Good documentation is critical following many of the appropriate trauma treatment protocols.

For additional information and training of the plethora of potential trauma injuries please attend our trainings or consult with us.